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About Personal Training

At Amore Fitness, we have dedicated Personal Trainers to guide you using the right exercise techniques that will bring you the results you desire. Be it gaining more strength, building better muscle tone, improving health, getting fit for sport or getting into shape for a special occasion, rest assured that you will be in good hands with our highly qualified Personal Trainers.

Our personal trainers are qualified fitness professionals who specialise in women fitness with extensive knowledge in many areas, such as weight management, nutrition, sports specifics, injury rehabilitation and training individuals with special conditions.

Your personal trainer will ensure that you get the best from each workout, making your time more efficient and workout more fun.

Considering your goals, lifestyle and health concerns, your personal trainer will design and guide you through a personalized exercise program, monitor your progress and provide reports on every aspect of your fitness.

Whether you are a beginner who needs to feel safe and confident about starting an exercise program, a regular exerciser who needs motivation or a sports enthusiast who wants to improve your performance, Personal Training is the answer for it is an investment with guaranteed returns to your overall well-being!



Competent Personal Trainers are new to the industry & have just attained the Amore Fitness Personal Trainer certificate. They are continuously enhancing their knowledge & skills with workshops & courses. The Competent Personal Trainer can develop exercise programmes that encompass cardiovascular, strength and flexibility needs as well as address lifestyle issues.


Professional Personal Trainers are usually new to the industry and/or have just attained an internationally recognized personal training certificate from an accredited certifying organization. They will be mentored by a more senior trainer or an immediate supervisor. They are qualified to develop safe and effective training programmes that will guide clients towards accelerated results and achievement of exercise and fitness goals.


Advanced Personal Trainers have at least four to seven years of experience and possess all the skills necessary to help clients achieve amazing results. They may hold certifications relating to clients with special needs (pre/post natal, rehabilitation) or a specific sporting field (power lifting, marathon).


Elite Personal Trainers are established fitness professionals with minimum eight years of experience and are seasoned with exceptional leadership and programme development skills. They have mentored other personal trainers and are highly motivating, providing clients with first-class service that will ensure they maximize their workouts and attain optimum results.

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