Other Treatments


  • An effective, reliable and clinically proven hair removal system which permanently disables hair follicles. Suitable for all body parts.
Cupping Therapy (20 mins)

  • Releases toxins and activates the lymphatic system using ancient oriental treatment.
  • Be invigorated with this deep tissue treatment that induces localised healing
Gua Sha (20 mins)

  • Traditional healing technique.
  • Promotes circulation and normalises metabolic processes.
  • Harnesses ancient techniques to bring about balance of well-being
Sole Therapy (60 mins)

  • A therapeutic treatment that uses foot reflexology techniques.
  • Combats stress, alleviate aches and improves circulation.
Power Of Touch (45 mins)

  • Consists of traditional Chinese acupressure and fingers massage
  • Concentrates around the head and shoulders
  • Loosens up tension and aching joints
Bust Up (30 mins)

  • Uses latest techniques to achieve youthful, well defined and a toned bust-line
Rainforest Soak (20 mins)

  • A deeply relaxing soak.
  • Has skin softening properties filled with essential spa elements such as aloe vera gel, sandalwood oil, neroli and mint
Cinnamon Soak (20 mins)

  • A non-foamy toning and firming soak.
  • Energises your body and promotes a keen sense of well-being.
  • Contains elements of cinnamon, clove, horsetail extracts and peppermint.
Thalasso Algae Bath (20 mins)

  • Uses algae extracted from the purest seawater.
  • Harnesses the healing powers of the sea.
  • Has beneficial properties on fitness, vitality, beauty and health
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