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About Amore Living

I live.

In to the next leap of revolution is Amore Living, the unique concept store that will set a new in integrating lifestyle, wellness and fitness for the hip, savvy and young at heart, posing as the perfect bonding platform for the modern family. We invite you to take the first step to explore, discover and redefine your larger self and embrace the Amore way of life that's packed with fun, fitness, friends and family with a whole new attitude!

Expect a range of unique fitness and wellness programmes for kids, parent and child, teens, couples and adults, as well as programmes developed exclusively for women such as the Amore Signature dance workouts and pre and post natal care. Overall, each programme is carefully designed to meet specific needs for the whole family, as well as individuals from different age groups!

The modern family and the young couples can look forward to Amore Living "Kid-Fit" club where couples can have a quiet time to work-out or get a spa treatment done while their little ones from aged 4years and above can simultaneously spend their time actively and safely in a stimulating environment at the Kid-Fit Club. Your child will be entertained with activities such as board games, arts and craft, exercise classes, reading, movies and even Wii-Fit video games! Designated staff will be stationed at the Kid-Fit club to provide value-added assistance and support to the kids!

Amore Living features an elevated outdoor pool(only available at Tampines 1), state-of-the art gym facilities, over 500 workout classes, kid-fit club, kids-fun programs, kids-spa programs, well equipped showers, lockers, steambath facilities and a boutique spa for catered for the whole family. The wide services and products at Amore Living in holistic wellness and fitness will certainly delight and enrich just about anyone! Gear up now with your loved ones to experience Amore Living today!

AMORE LIVING at Tampines 1

AMORE LIVING at Tampines 1 is Amore's first fitness and boutique spa club for everyone, opened in July 2009. Spanning 16,000 square feet and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the AMORE LIVING club at Tampines 1 is a haven for those seeking the perfect lifestyle. The club even has a swimming pool. Enjoy a relaxing swim or simply just bask in the sun. See Amore Living at Tampines 1

Tampines 1 #05-18          Tel: 6789 8822

AMORE LIVING at City Square Mall

Spanning 20,000 square feet and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the AMORE LIVING club at City Square Mall is the biggest among all the Amore clubs in terms of size. The club's added attraction would be a rooftop Sky Garden where relaxing stretches and exercises can be held in the cool mornings or evenings. See Amore Living at City Square

City Square Mall #06-01    Tel: 6781 1822

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