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Cardiovascular and Toning Classes: How to Lose Weight Fast

High-Low Impact Aerobics

A combination of high-energy moves, incorporating jumps and hops in an upbeat rhythmic flow. High and low impact aerobic movements are merged for excellent cardiovascular conditioning.


A high-intensity workout that draws inspiration from martial arts. Kicks and punches are incorporated to integrate both the upper and lower body in a total workout. Improves muscle strength, tone coordination and reflexes.

See Kickbox in Action.


A highly intensive but slow-paced conditioning workout that uses bar bells, body bars, plates and dumbbells. Expect a combination of aerobic techniques and muscle training moves, excellent for both fat-burning and muscle toning!

Ultimate Interval

A high energy interval training class suited for intermediate and advance exercisers who wish to have a boost to their usual exercise routine. Incorporating moderate to high intensity cardiovascular and muscle conditioning exercises for a total body workout.

Step Workout

A high energy, low impact workout done on an adjustable platform, with emphasis on the leg musculature. The intensity of the class changes with the use of propulsion and varying platform heights. Good for cardiovascular conditioning.


An exercise regimen to challenge your coordination, and improve your postural awareness while exercising the core muscles for stability. FitBall is an invigorating alternative in strengthening the back and the abdominal muscles. A fun workout that improves your cardiovascular system and reflexes.

Energy Sculpt

A moderate paced workout suited for new exercisers combining Lo impact aerobics movements and static and / or dynamic muscle conditioning using dumbbells and / or resistance bands. An excellent workout to energize and sculpt your body for a more refreshing you!

Aero Lo

A continuous rhythmic workout recommended for people who are restarting their exercise program. A workout that involves large muscle groups, non-impact movements with at least one foot always grounded and arm movements that allows fitter people to achieve adequate or higher intensity during exercise. A great class to improve your overall strength, stamina and coordination of upper and lower body movements.

Power Me On (30)

For busy working adults who want to squeeze in an efficient workout during their lunch hour. Led by qualified personal trainers, this 30-minute circuit training class encompasses both cardiovascular and strength training, and effectively works major muscle groups. Develop strength, endurance, flexibility, power and co-ordination in a fun and dynamic atmosphere! Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Power Me On (60)

A 60-minute heart-pumping circuit training class conducted by qualified personal trainers. Challenge your aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance as you move from one station to the next. Exercises using body weight and accessories like Swiss ball, BOSU® Balance Trainer will get all your major muscles working hard!

^ Handwraps or gloves are required for BB and Blast classes.
+ Resistance bands are required for certain NB, SS.

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