Body Treatments

Aromatic Swedish Massage (60 mins)

  • Customised massage treat
  • Select your favourite aromatherapy oil
  • Effective in relieving aching joints, body and mental stress
Toxic Clear Therapy (75 mins)

  • Starts with 15mins of dry body-brushing
  • Gentle rythmic massage-like technique to rid off toxins
  • Promotes clearer skin and better immunity system
Fusion Massage (60 mins)

  • Specialised treatment formulated by our skilled therapist
  • Complementing massage techniques from : Thai, Shiatsu, Javanese, Swedish and FAR infrared rays
Qi Massage (60 mins)

  • A unique massage that stimulates acupuncture points
  • Corrects physiological imbalances in the body
  • Protects health and ensures strong body immunity
Hot Stone Massage (75 mins)

  • Achieve spiritual and mental wellness with a hot stones treatment.
  • Improve blood circulation, relieve aches and relax the mind and body as heated stones are placed strategically along your pressure points
Body Polish Of The Season (20 mins)

  • Specially blended for the special mood and moment.
  • Seasonal delights to suit your needs.
  • Check with our consultants what is hot this season.
Seaweed Detox Wrap  (20 mins)

  • Highly concentrated moisturising mask is applied to hydrate your body.
  • Promotes oxygenation and achieve healthy looking skin.
Silhouette Gel Wrap (20 mins)

  • Combines active ingredients which act together to combat cellulite.
  • Stimulates the circulation gradually eliminate excess fluid and fatty deposits.
  • Re-mineralises, drains toxins, slims the body and softens the skin while providing mineral salts.
Cellufirm Abs/Arms/Thighs (30 mins)

  • Body circumference reduction.
  • Non-surgical & non-invasive cellulite reduction
  • Improve blood circulation. Fibroblast stimulation
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