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About Amore Fitness Classes - Women Fitness

Produced and choreographed by our qualified and experienced trainers, Amore Fitness Classes for women undergo strict design and conceptualization. Infusing various dance and aerobic workouts and crafting them into a unique Amore specialty workout. From these workouts you can achieve your fitness goals yet enjoy yourself and have a rolling good time!

Amore Fitness Classes consists of:

Amore Signature Blitz Classes


An entrancing signature class with moves inspired from Belly Dance. Get an all rounded workout that targets not just the abdomen but all parts of the body. This comes from combining traditional belly dancing moves and infusing it with aerobic techniques. Learn to do hip shimmy with style while toning your upper body with sensuous movements. Mobilise your arms, hips and target your chest area to reveal a confident, new you!

See BellyBlitz® in Action.


Focusing on total body conditioning, this exciting class enhances muscle tone and strength. The usage of the revolutionary fitness stick works out your muscles throughout the entire range of motion. Feel a different kind of pump in this class and improve your cardiovascular endurance. Highly recommended for advance students and challenging for intermediate students.


Pump it up with stylish and unique cardiovascular conditioning and rhythmic dance moves to spice up your workout! Perform movements in various directions coupled with exciting choreography, which is specially designed by Amore’s fitness team! Gear up for an intensive workout to lose that flab while having loads of fun!


Experience a cultural explosion of fitness and expression through this innovative dance workout program! Elevate your heart rate, challenge your muscles and tone your entire body as you move and groove to the sultry sounds of Latin music. Burn off those unwanted calories with aerobic moves infused with Samba, Rumba, Cha Cha, Paso Doble and Jive elements combined with hip, urban moves to leave you sweating for more!

See CardioLatino® in Action.


Specially designed to incorporate stylish hip hop, street and funk dance into aerobics, FunkBlitz will lead you through a continuous pace, heart-pumping, calorie-burning dance workout that will slim and tone your body. Elevate your heart rate, stretch your stamina and tone your entire body as you move and pop and lock to the infectious, latest funk music with FunkBlitz!

See FunkBlitz in Action.


StepBlitz® is an accelerating workout, fun yet intense. An enjoyable way to challenge your coordination and sense of rhythm as you jive to the music and practice moves with the step board. Aside from the groovy moves we have also added a mix of plyometrics, sprints and propulsions to up the intensity.


StretchFit® fuses unique multi-regional stretching exercises and regular breathing techniques to develop a serene mind, a flexible and strong body. Achieve a better range of motion for daily activities, improving coordination and strength, creating a sense of balance.

See StretchFit® in Action.


An addictive and high-intensity dance workout thats inspired by Bollywood and the funky moves of hip hop! It is an excellent cardiovascular class with loads of hand movements and foot works - a fun and vigorous workout for almost everyone and anyone.

See BollyBlitz in Action.

^ Handwraps or gloves are required for BB and Blast classes.
+ Resistance bands are required for certain NB, SS & Pilates classes.
* Hipscarves are required for BD & BEB classes.

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